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Hi! I’m Ami. I’m trying 12 months of challenges and recording what happens.

Basically this all started when I had a conversation with my dad about micro-resolutions. Doing small things each month to try and build better habits. I decided to throw two of these into my New Years’ Resolutions.

Lunchtime - 9.1.2019 (UK dates) - I talk to friends about my two chosen challenges (Veganury and No Social Media) and this idea comes to fruition.

The Rules:

  • My friends can’t choose anything that would have a negative effect on me or the world around me.

  • Nothing that would be permanent (i.e nothing like a month of tattoos, weird haircuts).

  • If I successfully complete a challenge - we make a donation to a charity of my choice (i.e UNICEF *hi dad*).

The Challenges:

  • Veganuary - One month of going vegan

  • No Social Media

  • No Public Transportation - Carbon Neutral Transportation

  • No TV

  • No Alcohol

  • No Added Sugar

  • No Animated Movies (break the Disney Addiction)

  • The 15 miles a week challenge

  • No plastic packaging


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